Dr. K loves his patients and his city


The living embodiment of an American dream that started on the other side of the world, Dr. Kannappan Krishnaswamy operates a successful practice and emergency room at 1036 N. Circle Drive in Sealy and contributes extensively to a healthy community.

The son of uneducated parents with no money, Dr. K’s journey began in India.

His parents taught him the value of education and told him to study and stay focused.

Dr. K studied medicine at Coimbatore Medical College in India, earning his first degree in 1983.

After developing a thriving practice in Coimbatore, he moved to Jamaica in 1990 where he received his pediatric residency degree from the University of West Indies.

“India and West Indies are all under the same British colony,” he said.

He came to the United States looking for a better life in 1997 and continued his studies at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York and then soon after moved to the Houston area.

“I was living in Katy, and we were looking for a place to start a practice,” he said.

He came through Sealy, walked into an Eckert’s Drug Store and started asking about opportunities. Rice Medical Center then sponsored him to start a clinic in 1999 in our area.

The pharmacist told him the clinic in Sealy closed eight months before his arrival, and the city had no doctor. Dr. K saw an opportunity.

“Everything was ready to go,” Dr. K said. “They gave me the keys, and I opened the place.”

His first office was on Fifth Street, he said, across from the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church that he and his wife ran.

Dr. K. built his current location in 2008 and added an emergency room in 2015 where he employs 20 employees and five doctors who rotate in and out.

His clinic has more than 30 employees and four nurse practitioners, and Dr. K plans to hire another doctor in August.

He said his practice operates as a non-profit organization and he takes his 1999 income and no more.

“Whatever money comes in, we put it back in (to the facility) and bring in more services for the community,” he said.

If someone can’t afford treatment and can’t afford the co-pay, he will still take care of them.

“We work out a payment plan,” he said.

Dr. K specializes in a caring bedside manner.

“We had a couple of patients recently, and I talked to them, made them comfortable and when they left they felt good,” he said. “We care.”

Services available at his practice are complete physicals, body screens, glaucoma screenings, pulmonary function studies, bone scans, sleep studies, immunizations and flu shots.

"We give the maximum immunizations to the kids in the area," he said. "We are part of the state immunization program, and I am proud of that."

Dr. K was recognized for his care by receiving the Pinnacle Award from the Sealy Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

His plan is to keep growing. His vision is to start a 50-resident assisted living facility at his original location on Fifth Street, at the old Sealy Hospital.

He also wants to include a hospital in Sealy in 2020 in the field next to his current location.

His door remains open for anyone, regardless of their socio-economic situation. Dr. K, his son Arun, his wife Jothi and daughter Anju are a proud family that has dedicated their lives to medicine.

"Whatever I can do, I will do," he said.


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