Fav 5


Fav Five Review

“Due to this edition of Rockin’ the Rail magazine being geared more toward our male readers, I thought we would change up the Fav Five just a little. I am going to give our handsome men a taste of what women really like. Are you up for the challenge?” - Karen


1)Perry Ellis 360 Black for Men - Perryellis.com $55

I don’t know what it is about this cologne but YUM. It must have just the right amount of pheromones in it because I can smell it from the other side of the house when my husband puts it on.


2)Crown Royal XO - crownroyal.com/canadian-whisky/crown-royal-xo/ $55

I adore a man that can take the time and drink some whiskey with me! I have always been a Crown girl but when I found the Crown XO I knew this was going to be my Fav. Smooth, sweet with a little bit of sass…just like me.



Want us to shave our legs? Well?!?!? Keep your mug looking great for us and we will do that for you. With a deal like this, how can you go wrong? First month is $1 and includes a handle, full pack of cartridges, and free shipping. After that you are looking at a commitment of $3 - $9 a month. No excuses!


4)Paintball (n1001p69008c.eps) - combathouston.com $100/couple

Ok, so this is not something that I have done, as of yet but so totally want to! Man vs. woman, messy paint, running around acting like teenagers again. Am I the only one that thinks that this could be way too much fun?


5) Eye Contact – Free

If there is one piece of advice that I would give every man it would be to always look your woman in the eye when speaking to her. Not only is it sign of respect it is very desirable. Want to start a relationship? Or keep one? Eye contact is more powerful than you think. Ready for bed? “Wink, wink!”


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