Fav 5


My home flooded during Hurricane Harvey and two years later we are still remodeling. Stressful? Yes! Manageable? Of course.

It’s how you deal with it that makes it manageable. Here are my Fav 5 tips to surviving home remodeling while staying in your house.

1.) Don’t take things too seriously! Everything is a process and WILL NOT go at your pace. Expect the unexpected. Goofy selfies and grandbabies are a wonderful outlet.

2.) “Breathe, breathe, breathe. Tomorrow is a new day.” The uplifting words from my friend and home designer Lisa Dupree. She helped me get through the day to day stress of dust, dirt and strange men in my house for months.

3.) Get out of the house!! Go catch a game with a good friend. Go ‘Stros!

4.) Expect to go over your budget. If you expect to spend $8,000 on your bathroom remodel, guess what? You are going to spend $12,000. Or maybe that was just me.

5.) Envision what your end-result will be. Here are some before and after photos of my recent master bathroom remodel. Yes, I did remove the bathtub completely and made a larger, open door shower. If you are only taking the time once a year to relax in the tub, then you don’t need it. The shower, on the other hand, I use every day. You’re welcome!


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