FAV 5 - Summer cleaning tips


It’s summertime! The kids are out of school. No rushing and running everywhere. You’re going on vacation. It’s just time to relax right? Maybe not. Summertime is the perfect time to deep clean. These may not be the most pleasant chores but when you complete them, you will be more at ease to enjoy the summer.

1.Cleaning your ceiling fans – First check if your vacuum cleaner has the ceiling fan attachment. If not, use this wonderful cleaning hack to keep yourself and your room clean while attempting. Slip a pillowcase over the blade and pull it across the surface to catch the dust bunnies inside. I recommend purchasing a cheap pillowcase, and after washing, place with cleaning supplies.

2.Cleaning the garage – The secret to a great garage is to declutter. You don’t need to keep everything. Throw it away or take it to a non-profit for a tax write-off. Next, hang things up (such as bikes, rakes, shovels and ladders on the wall) or put them in containers (pool supplies/toys, small garden tools/gloves and car cleaning equipment). The one thing that we learned after flooding was that everything has its place, even if you must create a new one. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take one area at a time.

3.Cleaning the flower bed – Need a weed-free flowerbed? Newspapers are a great help. Clean out the flowerbed. Lay down 3-4 layers of newspaper. Make sure you only use the black and white pages. Cover your newspaper with approximately 5 inches of mulch, such as shredded wood chips. Water to mesh everything. No more weeds!

4.Cleaning your kitchen – this may be something that you do every day, but have you thought about the grease build up from cooking? Vents, knobs and filters will collect buildup. Try this home-made natural cleaner. 1 part each: table salt, baking soda and water.

5.Cleaning out closets – Let’s start with an entryway closet. Does it smell? Wet jackets, shoes and umbrellas will bring out the worst in any closet. Pull them all out. Wipe down walls and vacuum floors. Spray some Febreze to freshen. While you have things out, organize them. The same goes for your clothes closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re not going to. It’s time to regift that item. Someone needs it more than you. I bet you can find an organization or church in your area that helps others in your area.


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