Spring Fav 5


This time around I decided to take a different angle on my Fav Five. Since my Fabulous 50th year is coming to an end I thought I would share my 50 Fav and not so Fav things about the last year. If any of these things resonate with you, or if you want to share your Fav’s, please email to me at Publisher@sealynews.com. Let’s see if we have anything in common.

25 Fav’s

1. Being in pretty good health.

2. Having wonderful girl friends to talk to.

3. Hot chocolate.

4. An understanding husband when I’m cranky.

5. Post-it notes; they’re everywhere!

6. Old school planner.

7. High heels.

8. Handsome grandsons that love me.

9. Slowly learning to say ‘No’ when I am overbooked without feeling bad.

10. Knowing which battles to choose.

11. Learning to downsize.

12. I have learned that every day REALLY is a blessing.

13. No speeding tickets.

14. Tough decisions bring families closer together.

15. Italy with the man I love.

16. Wearing what I want and not apologizing.

17. Not shaving my legs every day. Yes, I said that!

18. Putting life into perspective.

19. Age bringing wisdom. Don’t keep it. Pass it on.

20. Not being embarrassed in embarrassing moments anymore.

21. Knowing that God is in control.

22. Empty nesting means not having to put on a bra.

23. Taking on almost every dare just to see if you still have what it takes.

24. Being more financially secure.

25. The value of silence and alone time.

Not so Fav 25

1. Forced remodeling due to flooding.

2. Letting go of my old comfy shoes.

3. Learning that sometimes people hurt you to make themselves feel better.

4. The snooze button.

5. Wrinkles……okay laugh lines.

6. Telling my husband, or anyone else, they are right, and I am wrong.

7. I hate that I didn’t listen hard enough when my dad would tell his goofy jokes before he passed.

8. Fear of family driving on the freeway.

9. Knowing that I’m already on the other side of ‘The hill’.

10. The fact that my children don’t need me as much as they use to.

11. Falling asleep without getting a kiss or saying I love you.

12. Admitting that ‘everything’ is not going to be ok.

13. I get tired quicker when dancing. My favorite sport. Is it a sport?

14. Everyone looking at you first when the check comes to the table.

15. Having someone ask my 35-year-old cousin if I’m her mom.

16. Working harder now than I did when I was younger.

17. I hate the fact that men look better than women as they age.

18. Sleeping three hours a night.

19. Age spots. I call them freckles.

20. Time flies by so fast!

21. Stronger reading glasses.

22. My next milestone birthday is 60.

23. Wow, how did you fit that many candles on a cake?

24. I open my mouth and my mother’s words spill out.

25. Having my faith in God challenged.


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